A comprehensive suite of features, now tailored to Irish Dentists

Open Dental has a wide range of features including superb charting, appointment scheduling and GMS support. 

Open Dental Features

Open Dental Features

Superb Charting

  • 3D Representations
  • Colour Coding to show completed and planned treatments
  • Colour Coding to show previous work completed in and out of current clinic.
  • Charting of missing and moved teeth; primary and permanent teeth.
  • Periodontal charting.

Treatment Plans

  • Planned work described by tooth, surface and treatment code
  • Cost of treament with benefit allowance, GMS - Social Welfare, shown for each treament.
  • Total planned treament value.
  • Short term planning, long term planning.

Automated Recalls

  • Specify recalls by events -  Exam triggers 6 month recall.
  • Optionaly book new treatment as well as a recall appointment
  • Recalls listed for management and follow up.

Comprehensive Appointment System

  • Book by provider or operatory
  • Mouse roll over displays detailed information
  • Provider availabiliy schedules
  • Did Not Attend monitoring
  • SMS texting supported
  • Easy re-scheduling
  • Waiting room feature

SMS Text Messaging

  • Appointment confirmation
  • Recall reminders
  • Individual messaging

GMS & Social Welfare Scheme Support

  • Claim form printing
  • Unsent claim reporting
  • Unpaid claim reporting

Family and Individual Accounts Receivable

  • Family or individual accounts
  • Easy switching between family member information
  • Split billing across family member accounts

Inter-Office Messaging

  • Send messages between members of staff
  • Individual tasks lists
  • Send tasks to other staff members
  • More than one staff member can interact on a task

Image Importing and Linking

  • Open Dental has bridges to all the principal digital radiography systems

Comprehensive Patient Letters and Forms

  • TCS Dental has tailored numerous forms and letter templates to suite Ireland

Suplies Purchase Tracking

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