Open Dental - Ready for Irish Dentists

Open Dental is an American program that has gained international appeal due to its comprehensive capabilities and realistic pricing policy. Apart from the US it is available in Canada, Australia, Carribean, Far East, Asia, United Kingdom and now Ireland.  Designed by dentists for dentists. 

TCS Dental customers are fully licensed with the US company and, via us, have full re-course to their technical resources including data migration services.  If you are thinking about moving from your current product we can organise a trial conversion of your existing data.

 Its many feature are outlined in the Features section but, should you have any doubts or questions we will be happy to discuss your needs and call to your premises to demonstrate Open Dental - free of expense or obligation. Click on the button below and begin your Open Dental experience today.

Open Dental Pricing

Open Dental from TCS Dental costs less than you may think, in fact it is one of the most cost effective dental computerisation solutions available.

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Why Choose TCS Dental?

With over 20 years experience in the medical sector, the team at TCS Dental have a strong track record.

Tips for Dental Practice Computerisation

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System Requirements

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